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Is it Possible the Revolution in Education System?

From my education courses. “Who must you become in order to prosper and grow rich, and how can you accomplish this?” For starters, let’s be clear on the following point: In order to improve ourselves and our habits, we need to learn how to evaluate and weigh events in our own lives. The events in our lives are one of the best sources of information about how to become more efficient and how to be better overall. Most people spend their entire lives in ignorance of what is happening to them from day to day. They don’t even set themselves the task of learning how to improve themselves and shape events in their lives. It must be said that most of us don’t spend any time in serious self-reflection. With our busy schedules each day, we often neglect this important component of the formula for success. Decide for yourself right now that you can afford 15 minutes a day over this next week to do the exercises we suggest. Later, 5 minutes will be enough, but for now you must take the full 15 minutes per day for the next 7 days. Wait, wait. Stop reading! Make one of the most important decisions in your life. Stop reading for the sake of reading, and start acting! Set aside 15 minutes a day to work on yourself. Make it a habit: Spend 5 minutes a day on it in the future, and we guarantee it will dramatically change your life. Revolution in Education System Related Post: http://agroneimo.blog.com/2011/01/12/revolution-in-education-system-or-develop-and-grow-rich/

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